We help insurance companies understand, adapt and succeed in today's changing world.

There’s a new world of tech startups and scale-ups rethinking today’s products, services and business models.

Access to capital is enabling many of these new businesses to scale rapidly and the pace of change is accelerating beyond the ability for incumbents to adapt.

The need to innovate has never been more critical.

Incumbents must now look to this new world to identify opportunities for growth, whether through partnership, investment, acquisition or inspiration.

However accessing and maintaining intelligence on who they are is either incredibly expensive or takes too much time.

At the heart of the company sits Sønr –  a market intelligence platform designed specifically for insurance companies.


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  • Market intelligence

    Tracking new ventures globally to feed into Covea’s innovation activity.

  • Custom reports

    Providing insight into disruptive trends and the global innovation driving them.

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    Market intelligence

    Market scanning, global immersions and partnership development with BGL.

  • Market intelligence

    Tracking new ventures globally to feed into the Group innovation activity.

  • Market intelligence

    Providing global intelligence on health and insurance innovation to help realise Southern Cross’ strategic ambitions.

  • New proposition development

    Exploring and creating new propositions.

"The insights and support we get from Sønr and the Tällt team is invaluable, and it’s a key part of our strategy practice at Southern Cross. They help us see beyond the headlines to understand the trends driving change, as well as the propositions that are resonating with customers.

As a result, we have fewer blind spots and make more informed decisions about the future of our business. " Nic Johnson, Head of Strategy, Southern Cross Health Society


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