We help insurance companies understand, adapt and succeed in today's changing world.

Insurance is changing more quickly than ever and the pace of change is accelerating.

At the same time the ability for companies to change and adapt has not sped up; the assets that once made insurers successful are now liabilities and make change harder.

We help businesses understand the changing marketplace and how to create meaningful opportunities whilst avoiding superficial innovation. For some we provide insight into the trends affecting the market, their competitor’s playbook and the disruptors challenging their company. For others we identify opportunities for future growth – whether through acquisition, partnership or creating new innovation.

At the heart of the business sits Sønr –  a market scanning platform that tracks the investment into millions of startups, providing unique intelligence on the global new venture landscape.


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  • Market scanning

    Tracking new ventures globally to feed into Covea’s innovation activity.

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    New venture strategy

    Market scanning, global immersions and partnership development with BGL.

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    Proposition development

    Exploring and creating new propositions.

"I have had the pleasure of listening to Matt talk twice; the content along with the delivery is thoroughly engaging and a breath of fresh air. It is enough to shake the foundations of what you believe to be true.

I would highly recommend every layer of an organisation be exposed to this material." Sarah Hayes, BAE Systems


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