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Insurtech Trends 2017


Analysis of global investments identifying key trends at the forefront of 2017, featuring disruptive ventures & corporate innovations driving change across the global insurance market.

Insurance is being disrupted.

The sector is witnessing an increasing number of emergent insurance tech ventures, rethinking today’s products, services, technologies and business models.

In an industry struggling to innovate, venture capital and corporate venture capital is providing an opportunity for many of these new businesses to achieve overnight scale.

With a 32% YOY increase in the number of deals, and a total of $1.69bn invested into the space across 2016, it is now business critical for carriers, brokers and agents to better understand this changing landscape.

This report has been created through the analysis of 2016’s global Insurtech investments and Tällt’s unique intelligence on over 5M tech startups globally.

It identifies the key trends that will be at the forefront of 2017, detailing the latest investment data and insights into a number of new ventures & corporate innovations perfectly positioned to influence, change and create new global markets.

Have a read. We think you’ll enjoy it.

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