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Matt Connolly

Matt Connolly

Founder & CEO

Matt has worked within tech innovation for the past 15+ years.

In 2003 he founded a digital innovation agency which grew to become the UK’s #1. He later went on to set up an e-commerce agency and a number of networking events before investing in and building tech startups.

Recognising the opportunity to better connect corporates with the startup world, Matt launched Tällt Ventures. By tracking the data behind millions of new ventures globally, Tällt works with some of the world’s largest insurance companies to acquire, partner or build new businesses.

In addition to spending much of his time travelling, he speaks regularly at conferences and enjoys meeting people who share his passion for disruptive innovation.

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  • Billion pound investment in insurance tech fails to impress

    14/11/2017 | Originally published on FT Advisor
    Customers and brokers remain disconnected from insurtech despite $1.8bn-worth (£1.35bn) of investment into the sector in 2017, according to a report. Legacy systems and the slow pace at which start-ups are able to grow mean many people have yet to see the benefits of technological innovations, according to a survey of 1,500 consumers and 100 insurance industry professionals by Consumer Intelligence.
  • The 4 dimensions of successful innovation

    27/09/2017 | Originally published on CIO
    Pushing out some AI chatbot front-ended PoC might get you a few headlines. But it’ll do nothing for the long-term survival of your company. Technology is not the answer to your company’s survival. It’s purely an enabler.
  • Step aside venture capital: Corporates are stepping up to the plate

    26/07/2017 | Originally published on CIO
    For a few years now there’s been a tremendous amount of VC investment available for scaling tech businesses. But things are changing. Corporates are now getting in on the act, building relationships with early-stage ventures and offering something a little different.
  • The boardroom approach to the fourth industrial revolution

    05/06/2017 | Originally published on CIO
    Business is changing. We hear that a lot. But why does big business struggle so much with innovation? And why do they appear to be burying their head in the sand when it comes to reinventing themselves?
  • The world's 100 most disruptive startups revealed

    25/05/2017 | Originally published on City AM
    Japanese startup Spiber, that makes synthetic spider thread for outdoor apparel products, has been named the world’s most influential company on the Disrupt 100 index which lists “companies shaping our futures”.
  • These are the 100 most disruptive startups in the world

    31/05/2016 | Originally published on City AM
    A Bristol-based startup developing computer chips for artificial intelligence, an app for helping kids manage money, and a fintech just backed by Aviva, are among the UK startups to be named the most disruptive in the world.