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The only way you can predict the future is to build it.

Our objective is to help our clients around the world better understand the changing marketplace and how to create meaningful business opportunities.

Through collaborative design, workshops and regular testing with real customers, we co-create new propositions at the point where desirability, feasibility and viability meet. We deliver tangible ideas that solve real customer problems, build on core operational strengths, and contribute to long-term business growth.


Learn about the innovation that matters to you, and where to focus next

We run 4-week immersions which deep-dive into the tech trends most relevant to your business. We explore what the market is doing, the innovation taking place at a corporate level, and the new products, services and business models originating from within the global startup scene.

We map this activity to changing consumer and behavioural trends and provide insight on when these trends will impact your market, and where the opportunities lie.

Finally we work alongside you to assess the opportunities’ strategic fit and growth potential, prioritising where to focus first.


Understand where customer needs, business priorities and emerging tech meet

The only way to know what people really want is to ask them. Over 4 weeks we’ll spend time with your customers learning what they struggle with and what motivates them. We turn those learnings into insights which feed collaborative ideation sessions and generate a number of high-level proposition concepts.


Turn ideas into tangible experiences, fast

Get a proposition into the hands of your target market fast with our proven, quickfire co-creation process. Working together, we can develop, prototype and test a new concept in 1-week; give us 4-weeks and we’ll iterate, test again, build a detailed business case, and showcase a new validated proposition that’s ready for board sign-off. This can then be transferred and built back in the core business, or moved into market through our Advance phase.

If you’d rather not start from scratch, we run an 8-week partnership programme of sourcing pre-qualified startups perfectly positioned to accelerate your business, through to an immersive, collaborative Partnership Day. From this we prioritise concepts, and in turn, partners, to take into a facilitated 3-week POC process.


Create and scale breakthrough propositions to maximise business opportunity

Over a series of four-week sprints we’ll turn a validated prototype into an in-market proposition, continuously measuring performance against planned metrics. We’ll iteratively tweak the levers for business optimisation, recruit in the resources necessary to maximise success, and ultimately scale the proposition.

Where possible we like to co-invest with our clients in the creation of new products and services. This means we share the risk and the upside.


For more detail on any of the above or to speak with someone about working with Tällt, please get in touch.