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Sometimes, just sometimes, you need to go a bit deeper.

Whether you need a board paper, a trends report or some deep-dive analysis, we have a team of researchers, analysts and data scientists who can draw on our data-driven intelligence to create meaningful insight.

Trends report – mapping of a single market or consumer trend to time horizons, an exploration of the tech and innovation driving change, and sight of how the wider market is approaching the trend.

Investment analysis – smart money, market maturity, key strategic investments

New market analysis – whether expanding into a new sector or geography, we’re able to help you better understand the market and consumer activity, and connect you with the businesses leading innovation

Due diligence – particularly around strategic fit on M&A target

Strategic prioritisation – we help you understand the strategic fit, and business potential, of relevant trends and innovations. We map how social and behavioural changes interact with these to open new opportunities, or help you do better in existing markets.

Explòr – we also take clients to established and emergent markets to explore the most exciting business, technology and cultural trends. We will immerse you into the local culture, provide the insight and understanding of how such scale and adoption is achieved, and work with you to identify how these learnings can be applied to your own business to accelerate innovation.

For more detail on any of the above or to speak with someone about working with Tällt, please get in touch.