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Disruption is happening. But not always how it’s reported.
 Anticipation to change is critical.

Our objective is to help our clients around the world better understand the changing marketplace and how to create meaningful business opportunities whilst avoiding superficial innovation.

For many, this means starting at the top with a Board presentation. In the most part, our CEO Matt Connolly, who is a regular public speaker and media commentator, will run your Board through the changing industry trends, how this maps to insurance and call out specific examples of startups relevant to your business.

For others we provide a 10-day roadmap planning programme, consisting of a series of workshops and interviews mapping your company’s strategic themes and priorities to an execution framework.

Once we have developed a shared understanding and direction for new ventures, we work across one or all of the following:

Identify and track the trends and ventures with the greatest propensity to impact your business.

Assess and evaluate opportunities, and routes to market.

Evolve your business through acquisition, investment, partnership +/or building of new ventures.

For more detail on any of the above or to speak with someone about working with Tällt, please get in touch.