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Market scanning is critical. That’s why we built Sønr.

There are millions of ventures out there globally…and more emerging everyday.

We make it our job to keep track of each and every one. We do this through a combination of bought 3rd party data, feeds from partners (VC’s, accelerators etc), and a team of global researchers who, everyday, talk to the founders, investors and innovators changing the world around us.

This market scanning enables clients to access and track the very latest trends, insights, ventures, corporate innovators, accelerators, investors and events.

We provide our clients access to this intelligence through our subscription platform Sønr:

  • Sønr helps you to better connect with the new venture landscape
  • Find out about global emerging trends that could impact your business
  • Identify ventures that could be a threat or opportunity for you
  • Find out how other companies are innovating, partnering and investing in Insurtech
  • See where the smart money is being invested
  • Shortlist the disruptors that you’d like to analyse further – and get in touch if you’d like some help with this
  • Find out about the latest insights, trends, ventures, corporate innovators, accelerators, investors and industry events around the world