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Disruption is happening. But not always how it’s reported.
 Anticipation to change is critical.

With our clients we build and execute new ventures strategies that make a tangible impact. Depending on a client’s need, we work across one or all of the following disciplines:

With unique access to the global new venture landscape we ensure our clients are fully across the latest new venture and competitor innovation. We do this through a mix of Sønr – our market scanning platform and our in depth trend reports.

Once we know what’s going on and how that may impact our client, we then explore ways to awaken innovation by identifying and assessing opportunities.

A few of the tools we use to do this include:

  • Bespoke research
  • Workshop and immersion sessions
  • Global new venture immersion trips
  • Partnership days and co-creation sessions
  • M&A advisory
  • Innovation consultancy

With the knowledge and learning from the scan and explore phases, we help our clients bring new ventures to life through a build, partner and/or buy implementation.

Build – balancing strategic objectives with market opportunities, we build scalable, disruptive businesses with and for our clients.

We operate a business design process that runs from proposition development through to iterative build and scale. We can take the project on in its entirety or work collaboratively with internal teams.

The most interesting projects for Tällt are those where we share the risk and the upside.

Partner – with detailed knowledge of the people, products and potential behind the most disruptive new ventures globally, we’re able to quickly identify suitable partnership opportunities for our clients.

Partnerships between startups and corporates are becoming ever more commonplace, and now tend to be a central pillar of most new venture strategies.

At Tällt we help clients identity the companies to connect with, facilitate introductions and support the relationships through proof of concept to fully fledged strategic partnerships.

Acquire/Invest – knowing the market is critical for a successful M&A or investment strategy. As is an in-depth understanding of the sector and businesses you’re tracking.

We’re able to bring this unique knowledge and global market expertise to the fore, and help clients with dealflow, introductions and due diligence.

Throughout all of this process we help our clients socialise their new ventures strategies internally as well as build external profile around the innovation.